Lg gh24nsd5, lg gh24nsd6

I see they are back to the white lettering, but I am curious if anything else has changed.

Except the white lettering and other FW-name it looks completely like the last drives B0, C0, D1

I will next days try to make a dump of the FW

And the included software is similar to what is included with the retail ASUS DRW-24D5MT.

Check for whether the firmware dump contains the string ‘JR23’

I will do and post it here

It looks like almost all bundled software are very old and from Cyberlink. It is OK for small actions but can´t burn DVD-Video (upgrade to Platinum Edition is required/recommended)

Only LiteOn Retail-drives have Nero 12 Essentials Trial(!). I tried to register it but it always failed.

Last good bundle came with my Asus DRW-24B5ST, working, non-trial Nero 12 Essentials which I use often (also Cyberlink is included, but there´s no need to use it)

The veterans maybe remember the early 2000´s, some CD-RW-drives have a good Nero (some of my Teac) which works with every drive (only limitation was no simultaneous burn, but who did it without burn proof and IDE?), the bad Nero (Ricoh-edition) which only works with Ricoh-drives

What are you supposed to gain by registering Nero 12 Essentials Trial? I have an Asus DRW-24B5ST too, so I must have the non-trial Nero 12 Essentials you are talking about, but I can’t remember using it.

If I don´t register it will only works for 30 days. I hoped it will work after registering, but I´m not ure


One month trial? No, thanks. But I would look for that non-trial Nero 12 Essentials.

If yu never miss it you will never need it ^^

It´s only Nero Essentials, but for me it´s a good choice because the functionality is IMHO very good for a “free” SW. And it´s easy usable

Here is the dump

firmdump.bin (1 MB)


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Thanks for posting this fw Tester_1

Skimming through the fw binary, it appears the MAX_DTS string is also absent.

Judging by the manufacturing date of November 2018 and the absence of a MAX_DTS string, I suspect it might possibly be similar to the american version of GH24NSC0 with “svc code jr23”

One would have to look for more distinguishable differences to know for sure.

I looked through the other firmware binaries Tester_1 and krycy posted previously (ie. LG GH24NSD1 and asus DRW-24D5MT), and others (ie. the american version of LG GH24NSC0 with svc codes nsd0, and asus DRW-24F1ST d 1.00) for comparison. It turns out these ones also had JR22 in the binaries.

At this point, the only distinguishable feature between the LG GH24NSD* series of drives (and rebadges) manufactured before September 2018 is the presence of the ‘MAX_DTR’ string. The models manufactured during and after September 2018 do not have the ‘MAX_DTR’ string.

JR22 and JR23 strings are in different places in the fw dump Tester_1 posted.

JR23 is next to a string ‘OBTO’, while JR22 is in the same place in all GH24NSD* series drives.

In the GH24NSD* series manufactured before September 2018, a ‘NSD0’ string is next to ‘OBTO’

For perspective, I also skimmed through my fw dump from my older GH24NSC0 with “svc code nsc0”.

Next to the ‘OBTO’ string, was a ‘NSC0’ string.

There was a ‘JR20’ string, but no ‘JR22’ string.

Is in the FW any hint about the used chipset?

I don´t saw a writing-quality-difference since GH24NSB0

I don’t have an actual GH24NSB0 drive to check.

The american versions of GH24NSC0 with various svc codes and asus rebadges I have, all have the string ‘MTEKMT1862’ in their firmware dumps.

I tried to make a dump with the B0, but the flasher always causes a crash on my PC

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Here’s an old archive of GH24NSB0 firmwares. (These were previously posted/linked here, but I’ll repost them here).

It has LM01 and LN01 which appears to be from GH24NSB0 drives.

GH24NSB0_LM01.bin (1 MB)

GH24NSB0_LN01.bin (1 MB)

It also has three firmwares A1B2 and A101 from a “Dell” rebadge and RK05 from an “HP” rebadge.

GHB0N_A1B2 (DELL).bin (1 MB)

GHB0N_A101 (DELL).bin (1 MB)

GHB0N_RK05 (HP).bin (1 MB)

These dumps all have the strings ‘MTEKMT1882’ and ‘JR20’.

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Thank you

My B0 have LM01, bought with LM00

No different writing quality from B0 - D1, I think the D5/D6 are same.