Lg gh24nsd5, lg gh24nsd6

I tried to make a dump with the B0, but the flasher always causes a crash on my PC

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Here’s an old archive of GH24NSB0 firmwares. (These were previously posted/linked here, but I’ll repost them here).

It has LM01 and LN01 which appears to be from GH24NSB0 drives.

GH24NSB0_LM01.bin (1 MB)

GH24NSB0_LN01.bin (1 MB)

It also has three firmwares A1B2 and A101 from a “Dell” rebadge and RK05 from an “HP” rebadge.

GHB0N_A1B2 (DELL).bin (1 MB)

GHB0N_A101 (DELL).bin (1 MB)

GHB0N_RK05 (HP).bin (1 MB)

These dumps all have the strings ‘MTEKMT1882’ and ‘JR20’.

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Thank you

My B0 have LM01, bought with LM00

No different writing quality from B0 - D1, I think the D5/D6 are same.

GH24NSD5 (bulk) has appeared in local shops recently. Do you still think that this has the same writing quality as previous models?

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Only burned an Umedisc DL with my D6, this media have often very different results, so I´m not sure.

But with B0, C0 and D1 I don´t see differences

Will post some scans of NSD6-burns in some days

I don’t really need one more DVD writer, but if this is noticeable better than previous models I am willing to give it a try. I very much doubt it though.

I think the writing quality is the same, this still means it should be a better writer than LiteOn. My D6 is not so noisy than some of the D1 I use at work, but it could be a coincidence because it varies a lot with the D1-models. And the PC-case also have influence, some cases start to vibrating if the drives use high rpm

The noise from ASUS DRW-24D5MT at 16x is unbearable.

Are there any “svc code” on these recently manufactured bulk D5 or D6 models?

I´ve posted picures with all stickers in the 1st post, nothing to see if I looked right


So the most of the D1, but the “blowing” are not the biggest prob for me; it´s more the prob that some PC-cases start to vibrating if the D1 use high rpm. But the 5,25"-slots can´t be uncoupled

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And finding a quality case that does not vibrate and has more than one 5,25" slots is not easy.

I have old cases with 8 or 9 5,25" slots, different manufacturers. But use a newer LG, or the even more worse drives from Samsung (224BB, some of 224DB/GB) are a challenge for all my cases.

Pioneer-drives usually don´t have this vibrating-prob, but the “blowing” is good distinguishable

Whenever I drop by the nearby local offline computer stores, I’ll usually look at the dvdr/blurayr drives they have in stock.

In the case of LG manufactured drives, I mainly look for changes in the “svc code” and firmware which are almost always printed on a sticker on the top of the drive.


I think I had better results with Verbatim using ASUS DRW-24D5MT, but probably because of better (older) media and not the drive.

Jep, I think it´s more the media. I have many mediocre results with Verbatims of the last 4 years. Because of the lack of writing speeds I used 16x, and I should mention that the LGs very rarely or never have speeddowns while writing, my other drives from Samsung and LiteOn relative often shift the write speed down if using 16x