LG GH24NSD1 burn quality


i own 3 burners

Lite On IHAS 124-14 F

the disc quality with verbatim 4,7g dvds
was not very good with the lite on burner
(an old computer magazin from 2014 also said that its burn quality was not very good)
since i dont want to use my blu ray burner for daily dvd burns
i bought the lg gh24nsd1 drive
but seems the quality is not better.

here the results from opti drive (nero speed doesn’t work with my windows 10, it will not detect the normal dvd burners only the blu ray burner is shown which is not supported)

all 3 dvds are burned with img burn 8x speed
verbatim dvd (mcc 004)

PIE : 0,77 - 10 - 10835
PIF: 0,01 - 2 - 597

Lite On IHAS 124-14 F
PIE: 4,02 - 25 - 56663
PIF: 0,01 - 6 - 853

PIE: 6,10 - 36 - 86951
PIF: 0,00 - 2 - 374

the LG GH24NSD1 has lowest PIF but highest PIE errors.

what do u think
is the
LG GH24NSD1 better or should i keep the lite on drive ?

some month ago i used w7 were nero drive speed worked and
disc quality was 77% for lite on and 90% for lg blu ray burner.

btw when i test my old verbatim dvds burned 15 years ago with a plextor drive
they show nearly zero PIF and PIE errors.
seems discs and/or drives became worse today