Lg gh24nsd0, gh24nsd1



I don’t really need one more drive, as I have several unused and I can always get a new iHAS124 F to scan, but I am curious if the GH24NSD1 is a better writer.


Better than the 124 F?

I think it is a bit better, but my experience is the media vary more than the writers. The FW of most drives wasn´t developed further because the media you get actually have MIDs which exist 10 years ago.

I don´thave burned much with NSD1, but it´s very similar to the NSB0/C0, the LG seems to burn more constantly than my 124/324 F and the LGs are very good DL-writers, like the Samsung 224GB

My older LGs were only good with some media and awful with many media, actual do a lot better. But actually you have not much choices, at least here in Germany. MCC, MBI, UME, AML, sometimes CMC and Ritek (hard to find atm).


Some days ago I boot from a DVD with a software Test-PC @work and hear strange noises from the used 24NSD1. Sounds like it have big problems reading the DVD.

So I started to scan the DVD with this drive and get this result:

Then I scan this DVD in other PCs here, same drive-model

Same drive manufacturer date, similar Power on hours:

First time used drive with a newer manufacturer date

Scan with my most used 124 F

With a very new 124 F

Aging problem? But my 124 F is much more used than all the 24NSD1 I have here


A new LG-drive is on the way



Did you order one?

This is a DVD writer.


Yes, of course. I really should have noticed that from the model number. :sweat_smile:


Not sure yet.

I want to order some hardware, but at the shop I want to use it´s not in stock. At Mindfactory I see it with the same model-numer for bulk and retail



The problem is, I don´t want to disassemble it and don´t know how to distinguish the D5 and D1. I don´t notice a difference in writing quality with B0, C0 and D1


Spec sheet for GH24NSD5. (Document has a date of January 5, 2018).


Earliest manufacturing dates I could find in photos of the stickers on GH24NSD5 (via googling) were from April and July 2018. They were from:


  • July 2, 2018

  • April 8, 2018


Does this mean that these drives have been around for a year?


These photos were from a Russian web site.

Most likely the first manufactured models were introduced there, judging by the “item added: 30/10/2018” line on the above linked russian GH24NSD5 webpage. (Ran thriough google translate).


If GH24NSD5 drives were introduced in April 2018, shouldn’t GH24NSD1 drives have a manufacturing date before April 2018?


This may very well be the case.

Though I haven’t seen any “GH24NSD0 or D1” or “GH24NSC0 with svc code: nsd0” with a 2018 manufacturing date.


If LG is run just like any other professional international company, most likely they would be managing inventory on a regional basis. Basically to avoid having to cross too many international borders + customs/duties involved.

If I had to guess, most likely the russian region was the first to run out of old GH24NSD0 (or D1) inventory sometime in mid->late 2018. So they got the first batch of GH24NSD5 (or D6) drives manufactured in April 2018.

Next was probably the uk and europe, judging by the dates of Feb/March 2019 quoted on some of the previously linked web sites for GH24NSD5 (or D6).

I have no idea how my “GH24NSC0 with svc code: jr23” drive (with September 2018 manufacturing date) is related to the GH24NSD5 or D6 model. If I had to guess, I wouldn’t be surprised if my “GH24NSC0 with svc code: jr23” drive is basically a GH24NSD5 or D6 in disguise.


I think the GH24NSD5 might have appeared second in Japan in December 2018.


Oddly enough there are two different front bezel colored versions: a black version and a white colored version.



To match maybe the few cases that are available in white?


I didn’t know they still made white tower (or even slimline) computer cases.

The last time I chcked out the display models of desktop computers at places like BestBuy, Walmart, Staples, etc … they were almost always black colored cases.


They still make a few cases in white.

For example:




I have to wonder whether any “GH24NSD0 or D1” or “GH24NSC0 with svc code: nsd0” drives were ever manufactured in 2018.

Back in late-2017, the UHD bluray format was largely cracked by the deUHD and makemkv teams. IIRC deUHD and makemkv could only be used with then-current LG or Asus blurayr drives model with a “friendly firmware”. Subsequent firmware updates disabled this UHD “friendliness” deblierately.

Not surprisingly, there was a run on the market for the “friendly firmware” versions of LG and Asus drives, which quickly depleted the worldwide inventory of LG and Asus bluray-r drives. IIRC the first then-newly manufactured batch of LG drives which came with a factory default firmware which disabled the “uhd friendliness”, had a december 2017 manufacturing date.

I wouldn’t be surprised if most of LG’s manufacturing efforts were concentrated on bluray-r drives in early-2018.


I ran opti on my Asus “DRW-24F1ST d” drives, which are LG rebadges. One has a manufacturing date of December 2017, while another one has a manufacturing date of Sepetember 2018. It turns out they had different firmware versions:

December 2017 -> firmware 1.00
September 2018 -> firmware 2.00

On cdrinfopl, jadburner’s “DRW-24F1ST d” thread has some pics which says his drive was manufactured in June 2017 with firmware version 1.00


If April 2018 (or slightly earlier) is the approxmate changeover from GH24NSD0 (or D1) to GH24NSD5 (or D6), then this difference in firmware versions for these Asus “DRW-24F1ST d” drives might also be reflective of this D0/D1 -> D5/D6 changeover.