Lg gh24nsc0

Traxdata CD-R Pro-series Ritek 97m15s17f Made in China
LG GH24NSC0 fw.LK00
NERO 2015 x16

Fortis DVD-R MID:CMC MAG AM3 CMC Made in Taiwan
LG GH24NSC0 fw.LK00
NERO 2015 x8

Fortis DVD+R DL CMC-- MID:CMC MAG D03 Made in Tajwan
LG GH24NSC0 fw.LK00
Imgburn x4

hi i see alot of the dvd+r media being read as booktype: dvd-rom … is this automatically set by the firmware in the gh24nsc0 or is that set in Nero?

Wow…this GH24NSC0B burner is for the birds! NewEgg also has it on sale right now and I see why. Yeesh…it seems both the burners and the media are being made on a poorer side judging by these results. When an LG can’t burn TY media @ 250-300 PIF, that IS awful! Used to be an LG IDE burner could take genuine TY media and get it <50 PIF. Wow…this is disappointing in the extreme!

Burner: GH24NSC0
Firmware: LK00
Media: RiDATA 16x DVD+R (MIT)
Stamper Code: VR5F16-00911 8A
Hub Serial: eHL309053010E16
Burn Speed: 16x
Burning Software: Nero CD-DVD Speed

LG GH24NSC0 fw.LK00
Nero 2016 x8