LG GH22NS50 vs Samsung SH-S223 vs Sony Optiarc AD-7240S

I can get any of them for the same price. Which one ?

Thanks in advance.

AD-7420S <- this is the single choice.

GH22NS50 is a P.O.S ( I have one ). The worst drive ever in my collection. http://club.myce.com/f91/lg-gh22n-l-results-discussion-242448/ ( see last pages for GH22NS50 )

SH-S223F/B is not very good . http://club.myce.com/f105/samsung-sh-s223-results-discussion-244279/

Thanks. After a bit of browsing the forums, I did get the impression that the AD-7240S is favored over the other two drives by some people. I’ve seen reports elsewhere that give preference to the SH-S223. I guess that DVD burners these days suck so much that it won’t make that much of a difference ? I do miss my BenQ 16-whatever-it-was.

Any more opinions between those three models ?

I have to agree with zhadoom, AD-7240S is the only choice among the 3.

The Samsung SH-S223F is a fairly decent DVD burner, but not a decent CD-R burner. Its no match for the AD-7240S.

The SH-S223B is a horrible DVD burner, one of the worst I have experienced. But its CD-R burning capability is quite good.

The LG GH22NS50 is as bad as the SH-S223B in DVD burning and its CD-R burning is no good either. Don’t even think about it.

How about the Asus 22B2ST ? How does it perform against the Sony AD-7240S and the others ?

Thanks again guys, I really appreciate your input.