LG GH22NS50 Error 1093 with Nero



Hi Guys!

every time I format my PC and reinstall Nero, I have to take days to solve this annoying and absurd error. Every time I can resolve this error after several attempts. But this time, unfortunately, being a long time since last format, I can not remember how I did.
I have a DVD-ROM LG GH22HS50 with the last driver, and Windows 7 x64; I use Verbatim DVDs (so I think the brand is good).
I specify that I have this problem every time. And every time I managed to solve it. So please don’t tell me, that DVDs are not good or not working, or to burn slowly…I always burn at that speed (16x) without any problems.

The last time, I seem to remember, I have made changes to the registry … but unfortunately I do not remember, it’s been too long time.

Could be the lack of SCSI driver??

I attach a Nero Log.

I hope that someone could help me…:sad:

P.S.: Sorry for my english:o


I know you say you always write at 16x, but I am going to say you should still try to write at 8x.

Key medium error & no seek complete usually point to the hardware–so either the burner or the discs. Since the error appears to have started part of the way through the burn (if I am reading the log correctly), it’s probably not a software configuration issue.

Also: what is the DVD burner connected to? Directly to the motherboard? If so, what motherboard? And you are sure you have updated the drivers for all the components on the motherboard? (The DVD burner will just use a standard driver built into Windows).

Also also: If you would, try ImgBurn instead of Nero once, and post its log, please. It always helps to get a second opinion. :slight_smile:



I remembered everything!. The problem is in the driver SPTD.SYS by DuplexSecure (http://www.duplexsecure.com/home) that is installed automatically with Daemon Tools. In fact as soon as I uninstalled it, everything worked perfectly.

Now I would like to know if this incompatibility problem resides in the LG DVD player or in the Motherboard …

Anyway, thanks Bro!:bow:


Ahh…glad you remembered how to solve it. :slight_smile:

[bunch of speculation follows]
Usually, problems from Daemon Tools/Alcohol 120/similar software come from simple software/driver interference. If configured incorrectly, it causes errors that vary from situation to situation. If it isn’t a failure to talk to the burner from the get-go (the drive might seemingly disappear, for example), it might be a power calibration error or a plethora of other errors that only pop up when the burning process actually begins.

The kind of problem you had could drive people a little crazy; they’d try new burners, new drivers, and different software, only to realize that the improperly configured tools (Daemon Tools/Alcohol/etc) were blocking proper communication.

So it’s not necessarily the DVD burner OR the motherboard; it’s aggressive software.
[end speculation]


Most likely you have a hardware conflict. You can try fixing it by turning off any items in BIOS that you dont use like serial ports audio network adapters ect. Also make sure you have correct setup of your ide devices as there a lot more prone to conflict than SATA devices. Check all you motherboard connections as well by reseating everything. Lastly check is you have the proper - newest drivers install esp motherboard video and ide drivers.


[QUOTE=mikemn;2604577]Most likely you have a hardware conflict. [/QUOTE]Why could the problem be fixed by uninstalling the SPTD driver then? :smiley:



I beleive SPTD act like a real piece of hardware e.g. DVD Drive and it was using hardware resources that conflicted with with the OP setup>. If not then could label it a software conflict. My main point was to make people aware of how to help your system if you find it acting weird or having a problem :slight_smile:


This site is talking about SPTD and kinda backs up my thinking on it being able to cause a hardware conflict problem.