LG GH22NS30 Not showing up in windows

I just purchased a LG GH22NS30. It is a DVD burner and uses the SATA interface. I installed the drive and much to my dismay it was not recognized by Windows. It doesn’t even show up in my device manager!

I have scoured the web for drivers. Any help is much appreciated!

is it showing up in your bios?

No it is not.

Do you have SATA ports/cables and SATA power cable plugged in firmly?

Yes I do, all cables have been checked. Do I need certain drivers for SATA?

UPDATE: In the BIOS it shows that both SATA ports are OFF.

This is on a dell dimension 4600.

Update: Downloaded mobo drivers and still no cigar. Anyone have any ideas?

Does your bios have anything listed to enable to to set your SATA ports to be active? The fact that your drive isn’t registering as being connected at all is troubling. (one of the things I dislike about OEM PCs - so hard to find solutions sometimes)