LG GH22NP20 doesnt read discs

Hi, I purchased a pc from PC Specialist less than a year ago, I chose to not have a dvd/cd drive included as I had my own, which I would install.
The install worked but the computer wouldnt read any data from cds.
It would spin it etc, but you couldnt access any information on discs or rip/ burn.
So I bought a new dvd rewriter a few months ago, (lg gh22np20) it has never worked. I.e reads discs etc, the computer detects the drive and says that it is working normally but I cant get it to read or write discs.

All the latest drivers are installed, and drive is set to correct slave/master pins at the back of it.
I phoned a pc repair company, and they diagnosed it to be a fault with vista, as Vista is problematic with drivers apparently.

I tried to reinstall Vista, but obviously you need the installation disc to do so, which strangely enough worked, to a certain extent, it would progress you to the next step of the disc as long as you kept ejecting the disc once it stopped responding.
Any help?