[qanda]This thread is about the LG GH22NP20 Super Multi. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]hi yall, this is my first post (hope in the right section); i own a LG GH22NP20 and i want to write a DVD+R DOUBLE LAYER (or DVD DL or DVD+R9). however, i have a problem with nero 7: a few mins after i start the dvd-burning (at 4x - minumin speed allowed), nero gives me a Burning Process Error, and the DVD is wasted. now id like to know the possible causes (and the possible solutions) to the problem. my config is:

CPU: P4 3.0 GHz
SW: Nero 7 ultra edition (Burning Rom/Express/StartSmart)
HW: LG HL DT ST GH22NP20 super multi
MEDIA: Fortis DVD+R 240min 8.5 GB 8x DOUBLE LAYER


[li]im sure my LG supports DVD DL (it’s specified in Nero info tools)[/li][li]im sure my LG is not broken, since in the past i have successfully been able to write DVD DL, and i can actually write normal DVD[/li][li]im sure the media quality is good, since in the past i have been able to write Fortis DVD DL with success, on my actual LG[/li][/ol]

so my question is: is there something i have to do (ie. particular settings, or things like that) when burning DVD DL? should i use another software (ive also tried IMG BURN, and the latest version of nero, but without success)?


MEDIA: [I]Fortis DVD+R 240min 8.5 GB 8x DOUBLE LAYER[/I]

[li]im sure the media quality is good, since in the past i have been able to write Fortis DVD DL with success, on my actual LG

Hi and welcome jacks21.

Your media is the problem, i would suggest that you try some verbatim dual layer media.

Exactly, the only GOOD DL media is made by Verbatim.

I have the same problem with the same GH22NP20 drive, plus I have LiteOn DVD RW drive. I updated firmware for both LG and Lite On burners. But when I insert a Verbatim disk in either, windows and nero identify both drives as CD ROM drives and will not burn to the Verbatim 8.5 Double Layer Disk. When I remove the media, Nero and Windows returns to seeing the drives as DVD RAM drives.

Just tested to see if both drives can still burn anything with 4.5 Gig DVD-R’s and there are no problems with those. I have been researching for 2 days and have found many post recommending Verbatim media. I wish I would have reseach a week ago before I bought TDK media, which is also having the same effect as the Verbatims on both drives. It’s like both drives don’t recognize 8.5 verbatim or TDK media.

So my question is what is the solution when you have the same problem on this LG GH22NP20 and a Lite On and you are using Verbatim media.?

Nero 6
Win XP SP2

Hi and welcome sj6.

It’s normal for windows XP to see your drives as cd-rom. The burning application should be able to read the mid of the disc and burn it,
you can also try imgburn (it’s free) and it will tell you what type of disc you have in the drive.