LG GH22N/L Results & Discussion



Verbatim -R 16X
TYG03 @22X


Maxell -R 16X (MIT)
MXL RG04 @22X


Maxell +R 16X
MAXELL003 @22X


Received my new GH22NS50 today. Almost returned it since all scans are awful. After tests with many DVD medias and changing some hardware config I found that it doesn’t work properly with SIL3132 SATA2 controller. Tests with sata to usb converter show much better results.

Trying to manage the devices to test with an internal sata ( AMD SB700 ).


Some burns with acceptable quality produced with GH22NS50 TN01.

Verbatim 16x +R ( RITEK R05 ) burned at 12x
Verbatim 16x +R Lightscribe ( MCC004 ) burned at 22x


GH22NS50 TN01

SONYD21 burned at 18x :Z:Z:Z

Looks like the firmware needs much improvement.


GH22NS50 TN01

MCC03RG20 burned at 22x

I can’t believe that the POF is zero. My 20A3P can’t read this disc to test. No trt or quality.

This quality scan is one of the worst I have see consider to the reading curve.

The TRT is perfect with the GH22NP20. :confused:


Thanks for the scan zhadoom :slight_smile:
what LG doing ?


The GH22NS50 performance is worst than the 1st firmware of the GH22NP20.
Any burns using CLV result in huge spikes of PIE and massive PIF. Burns using pure CAV produces acceptable ( not good ) results.

Even 4x/8x burns with Verbatim ( MCC003 = my best media ) produces junk.

I tested RITEK R05 and the only speed the produces acceptable quality is 12x. 4x and 8x produces garbage. With MCC03RG20 there’s no good speed. Any other 8x media ( +R and -R ) burned at 4x or 8x produces disappointing scans.

That’s the worst drive that I test since the infamous Samsung TS-H552U. It’s worst than the TS-H552U because the Samsung burns OK with speeds between 2x to 8x.

Waiting for a firmware update or someone else tests that conclude that my drive is broken.


Drive: GH22LP20
Firmware: 1.04
Media: TDK branded CMC MAG M01
Speed: 8x


New firmware 2.00 for GH22NP20.

SONY 16 +R ( SONYD21 ) burned at 20x.

Perfect reading curve. Impressive quality for a 20x burn.


New firmware 2.00 for GH22NP20.

SONY 16 -R ( SONY16D1 ) burned at 20x.

LG fixed the -R burning :smiley: at least for SONY MID.


New firmware 2.00 for GH22NP20.

Verbatim 16x -R ( MCC003RG20 ) burned at 22x.


Where can I find version 2.0 firmware?


[QUOTE=Dalen Quaice;2460012]Where can I find version 2.0 firmware?[/QUOTE]

LG Korean support site. Look at the Firmware announcement thread.

Put GH22 in the search.


Thanks zhadoom! Flashing mine over now. :slight_smile:


MID: MCC 003
Batch: CMC PAH6
100 Pack Verbatim Branded from Meritline
Type: DVD+R 8x
Burned @:8x
Burned With: CD Speed
Drive/Firmware: GH22NP20/Korea/2.0

Superb firmware update! :flower:

Auto-bitsets to DVD-ROM on +R. I will be using this drive a lot more now.


And a CD-R here:

GH22LP20 FW 2.00
Sony “Supremas” @24x
MID : 97m24s15f

Error	Maximum	Total	Average	
E11	21	23410	5.39
E21	9	577	0.13
E31	22	899	0.21
E12	403	7676	1.77
E22	0	0	0.00
E32	0	0	0.00
BLER	31	24886	5.73
Jitter	8.1%	n/a	7.12%


GH22LP20 fw 2.00
Verbatim MCC 03RG20 (old stock) @12x

… don’t like that PIF mountain at 1.3 GB :confused:


And another CD-R here:

GH22LP20 FW 2.00
Sony “Supremas” @40x
MID : 97m24s15f

Error	Maximum	Total	Average	
E11	23	24479	5.24
E21	9	562	0.12
E31	17	444	0.10
E12	260	2711	0.58
E22	0	0	0.00
E32	0	0	0.00
BLER	29	25485	5.46
Jitter	11.1%	n/a	7.47%