LG-GH22LP20 won't recognize as burner

[qanda]This thread is about the LG GH-22NP20. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]new LG-GH22LP20 works for reading both CD-R and DVD but nero 7.7.5 will not recognize it as burner. checked to make sure it is set to DMA2. Windows XP Pro sees it as a DVD-RAM drive. checked another free burner and no DVD burner recognized. Am pulling whats left of my hair out… Help


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No little yellow exclamation marks or anything in Device Manager?

BTW, the drive being recognised as a DVD-RAM drive is normal, both my LGs are also recognised like that.

Also, have you tried an update of your Nero software?

Try downloading the free ImgBurn as well…see if that sees the drive properly. :slight_smile:

No little exclamation points in device manager. upgraded nero to ver.9… used dvd info pro trial version a few days ago ran fine once then gives “A major error has occured” message. ran virus scan and got nothing then ran spybot and nothing… is running as a slave drive behind a removable bay…Do you think doing a repair of windows might help??