LG GH22LP20 will not boot from a cd



[qanda]This thread is about the LG GH22LP20. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hello. Hopefully this post is in the right spot.

I had a Liteon DVD writer which I loved and it died a few days ago. I bought this LG drive and installed it and it seemed to work fine. I made a bunch of Xbox game and DVD backups with it and I had no problems. I found out yesterday that when I put a bootable disc such as my Windows XP or my SLAX disc (disc for Xbox 360) the LG drive won’t boot from it. Device manager shows no conflicts with the drive and in Windows the drive is detected. My windows and SLAX discs are fine because they booted on my old Liteon drive without a problem.

I can put each disc in the LG drive while in Windows and it will autoplay and read the disc fine so it’s specifically with the booting from disc.

The jumper settings are correct (LG is master and my other old CD drive is set as Slave). I’m using the same IDE cable as when I had my old Liteon connected. In my BIOS the LG shows up as master and the other is a Slave. I have changed my boot sequence to try the LG drive and every other device is disabled. No matter what I have done whenever I try to boot from a disc I get the message “searching for boot record…not found” and then the computer proceeds to start as normal. This is driving me crazy. Anyone know what the problem might be?

I didn’t see a firmware update on the LG site for this drive (only for a couple others). The current set up I have now is that my LG is master and cd reader is slave. They’re both on the IDE 1 cable. The two hard drives I have are on the IDE 2 cable. As part of my testing process I have completely disconnected my cd reader (slave) and just left the LG connected. Same thing. I even exchanged the LG drive for another of the same kind thinking maybe the drive was detected. The result is the same.


You’ve done everything I would so I’m afraid I can’t shed anymore light on the problem, only to tell you that this drive is booting fine on my ancient system. I have it connected as a slave (to BenQ 1640) on secondary IDE and it’s not even in the boot sequence list of the BIOS. Perhaps you should try it on the secondary as well?


I don’t know what was wrong with it. I called LG’s tech support and all they told me was that there must be some problem with the discs that I was using to boot from.

I don’t see how that could be because I even made a new bootable SLAX disc WITH the LG burner and it still wouldn’t boot from it. I wonder if LG has something in their drive’s firmware that won’t let them boot using copied discs.

Anyway I solved the problem by returning the LG and I bought a Liteon dvd writer instead. That’s what I should have done in the beginning.


I’ve just found a solution. Probably there is a problem with IDE controler (maybe firmware) initialization and it’s booting at the second time. My BIOS settings Boot sequence: 1st boot - LG GH22NP20 2nd boot - LG GH22NP20 3rd boot - LG GH22NP20 etc. … Allow boot from other devices: NO