LG GH22LP20 DL Backup Problem Ps2

Hi all, Ive been having this problem for some time now with my LG GH22LP20 burner. I haven’t had any problems with regular dvd+r backups, but when it comes to dual layer i cant seem to get pass this problem. I’m currently trying to get a backup of a dual layer movie to work. The dvds im using are Verbatim DVD+R DL 2.4x. However when I choose to burn using either Nero or ImgBurn the only options I get to burn is only at 4x.

First trial, I burned with the 4x write setting. Everything seems ok, my computer can play as well as my PS3. However my PS2 cant read it, I get “Unable to Read Disc” black screen. Im pretty sure my PS2 can read dual layers since the original movie plays perfectly on it. I used dvd decrypter to get the iso image, iso seems perfect since I can mount the image and play it. I’ve browsed through several forums, and people with similar problems were able to get the movie or game to work by burning at 2.4x or slower speed.

My question is how do I get my LG to burn at 2.4x. I’ve looked through the manual and specs and its says its able to burn at 2.4x or maybe im reading it wrong. Plus the dvds im using say 2.4x, so why is it I can burn at 4x? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thx.