LG gh22lp20 Burner problem

[qanda]This thread is about the LG GH22LP20. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hello, I’m new to the forums and was looking for help. I have a LG GH22LP20 DVD burner is making me scratch my head. I have burned a large amount of DVD DL media for different purposes with no problems. Actually I have only tried burning DVD DL media in this burner. Well, today I tried to burn a regular dvd +r and it doesn’t burn. I’m using nero essentials and it gets stuck at start…burner starts to spin and sound loud and front green light goes away. I killed three discs trying with the same results…it starts then light in front turn off and just stalls. Any pointers will help greatly. Thanks a bunch!

Current firmware is 1.02

What brand of disc, and what is the MID Code? What speed are you burning at?
You should update your firmware to 103 or 104.

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Using Sony DVD + R

My really old BENQ DW1620 on my other comp burns them just fine at 16x… :confused:

I updated LG GH22LP20 firmware to 1.04.
Tried burning at 12x…
I killed six dvds so far…

Why would it burn DVD DLs but not DVDs… Very Very :confused: