LG GH20NS15 won't complete a DVD

I’ve been here before with the exact same problem, different drive. I had the GH20NS10 and it wouldn’t complete a burn. Sometimes it would give the ‘no additional sense information’ but most of the time it would just stop burning at random places and the disc would just keep spinning and Nero wouldn’t close. I sent it back to newegg and got a replacement and it worked fine. I try to burn a disc 5 months later and I get the same problem, so I give up on the drive and get the GH20NS15 with great reviews. I get the same issues. First try gives ‘no additional sense info’ effor and spits out disc. Second try freezes at 706MB and just keeps spinning. I’m going to go get some different media and try it out, but could this be some SATA issue? It isn’t the image file. Fails regardless of iso. I am clueless as to what could be causing this problem.:a

Perhaps you could tell us what motherboard and chipset you have, and what mode your drive is operating in (RAID mode, IDE compatible mode etc - a setting in the BIOS should show this).

Mobo: Asus A8N-SLI
Chipset I wanna say is 939. It’s an AMD 64x2 4200+
No RAID running.
I have two HDDs (master, slave) on the primary IDE and a DVD drive on the secondary. One SATA HDD on primary, and the LG DVD-RAM on the secondary.

I went and got some Memorex +RWs and it burned the iso fine at 4x…