LG GH20N/L : Post your scans and questions here

The GH20 is LG’s first 20x SATA DVD Writer. It uses Renesas R8J32030HFPV

Special features:
**Max 12x write speed on DVD +DL/-DL

Verbatim -R 16x
TYG03 @20x
Burn time: 04:36

Thanks for the information. Looks like LG is naming drives now according to their burn speeds, which will create new confusion.

Mitsubishi -R 16x
MCC03RG20 @20x
Burn time: 04:38

Mitsubishi +R 16x
MCC004 @20x
Burn time: 04:39

Wow, real good quality, and speed. IIRC the other drives like H62 did not burn DVD+R as fast as DVD-R.
But these are very nice results.

Results look great so far, looks like my next LG drive. :slight_smile:

Very nice 2601!

Same 20x burn times as the Samsung 203, and great looking quality so far.

Does the drive do P-CAV @ 12x?

I just wonder what are the other drives which can be found via google, like GSA-H70, H71, H73, H80, GH20NS15. All seem to be SATA drives.
There is also a GE20LU10, and from the name it seems to be an external drive with LightScribe.

Thank you once again 2601.

This drive looks good so far. Their 20X PATA (GSA H5?) drive burns crap at 20X.

Well, with the new firmware 1.03 the H55N has also some good 20x burns.
But this is really better.

I have GSA H42N and GSA H62L and really like them both. This drive would compliment my other drives.

Still doesn’t support on DVD-R.

Verbatim +R 16x
YUDEN000T03 @20x
Burn time: 04:43

Maxell +R 16x
MAXELL 003 @20x
Burn time: 04:53

Maxell -R 16x
MXL RG04 @20x
Burn time: 04:50

Fujifilm +R 8x
YUDEN000T02 @12x
Burn time: 06:31

[QUOTE=2601;1916949]Fujifilm +R 8x
YUDEN000T02 @12x
Burn time: 06:31[/QUOTE]

Awesome quality.

Mitsubishi +DL 2.4x
MKM001 @4x

[QUOTE=2601;1919781]Mitsubishi +DL 2.4x
MKM001 @4x[/QUOTE]
Very nice burns. I am sure I need the drive.