LG GH20LS10 Wroks only in AHCI method




I hope you can help me fellows with my confusion with my new LG DVD Burner.

My computer has the following components:
DVD Burner : LG GH20LS10
CPU : AMD Athlon 64x2 3800+
Memory : 2GB DDR2
OS : windows vista

I bought the aforementioned LG Burner and attached it to my computers properly.
My question is:
The LG Burner works only when i set on BIOS this option : AHCI Mode under the RAID mode option
In BIOS i have three options as shown in this pictures:

When i set it to SATA Mode the Burner shows up on windows but can’t read any cd/dvd.
Im inserting the cd/dvd into the burner and i heard it read the cd/dvd but nothing happen else.
Again, only when i set the option in BIOS to : AHCI Mode the Burner works as well and how it should be.
It’s normal? why it doesn’t work when i chose SATA Mode?
Is there any critical differents between AHCI Mode to SATA Mode who affected about the burner working?

I hope you understood my question as well (excuse me for my poor english)
Thanking you in advance