LG GH20LS10 - Sata Firmware Upgrade on Striker II Formula


I’m struggling with a Firmware upgrade on a LG GH20LS10 connected to an Asus Striker II MB.

I’ve tried Safe Mode, disconnected the other DVD, etc., everything :sad:

I get a warning “Please remove a disc from the drive before updating.”

And then nothing. :confused:

Can you help ?

Thanks for the assist.:clap:


Well I sorted it by myself.:rolleyes:

It appears the issue is with the Asus Striker II Commander Motherboard. I removed the LG from that Box, and put it into my main Box with it’s Asus P5N32-SLI Deluxe MB. I disconnected my Optical Drives (Plextor 716 & BenQ 1655).

The LG flashed immediately with no issues. I re-booted and Win XP “saw” the revised drive and Nero Info Tool advised the Firmware was indeed installed. :clap:

I migrated the LG back into the Striker II Box and all is well.:bigsmile:

I hope this post helps someone else someday as I struggled with this a long time, surfing the web, leaving messages, etc., before taking a practical approach. Maybe it will save someone a few hours.:iagree: