LG GH20 or Samsung 223?


I guess I need a new drive. After some reading, I decided to get the LG GH20 or the Samsung 223.

I am undecided between these two. What would you recommend? I know it’s a kinda stupid question, but I am not that great of an expert regards DVD drives/burners as some of you guys are.

In my opinion the Samsung is more fun with a patch tool available and more reliable 20x burning than the LG.

And how is it as a reader?

I guess I will use the driver more as a reader than as a writer.

It’s one of the best readers. With patched firmware it will do perfect 18x reading of SL media and 16x reading of DL media.

No jitter scanning like the LiteOn though…

This may sound dumb, but what exactly is cd scanning? I have read about it in this forum, but not enough to get it I guess.

Is scanning important?

the scanning is not very very important
it’s just a question of fun like said CODEKING
the LG did not do scanning but it’s a very very good CD writer
it’s a wonderful reader both Cd and DVD
the samsung is better in DVD writing
and very fast reader of DVD also
so in my opinion , if you want a good reader, and wonderful CD writer (not DVD, the samsung is better in DVD writing ), than go to the Lg
but if you don’t have much CD’s to burn, than the samsung is for you