Lg gh20 lp20

Hi everyone:

Does anyone have an opinion specifically on model LG GH20 LP20 (retail box). I searched the forums and could not find information specific to this model. Based on recommendations / reviews of other LG models with a similar model number prefix I purchased this drive (to replace my Plextor 708A, which has begun acting up) however have not installed it as yet.

I’ll be using it to burn DVD +R SL and DL, DVD -R SL and CD-R’s (no overburning). I’m looking for all around good to excellent reads/writes… and I still burn a lot of music CDR’s.

Thanks for your help.



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Hey rolli,

As you’ll see from my post below I too have a 20lp20. I got mine in order to load a specific piece of audio software that needed a dual layer drive and although my existing drive was a dual layer it wouldn’t read the DVDs properly…hence the LG. I had always heard great things about LGs and it installed easily and read my DVDs in with no problems at all. And fast. But I never did get around to burning something on it until a couple of days ago. And no matter what burner software I used (including the Nero that came with the drive) it won’t burn anything. I’ve sent a message to tech support at LG and placed my missive on this forum. But, honestly, I think I’ve got a bum drive. Worse, if the warrantys only 90 days, I’m probably screwed there too. Sigh. But maybe someone will have a solution, who knows? In any case I can only offer mixed support for this drive. YMMV.

Did you read the following?


GH20 and GH22 are totaly different burners, Renesas versus Panasonic Chipset. The Gh20 ist the better one, but I know only GH20NS10, NS15 or LS10,15.

What system do you use, what SATA chipset. Naturaly no one would sell burners that couldn’t burn, so if no defect of the burner itself something else must be wrong by you, which has nothing to do with the burner directly. Still not every SATA chipset and driver works properly with SATA burners.

I read the GH22 review (that sounded like a good burner too)… and I know there is a chipset difference. It seemed the opinion around here, the GH20 was the better drive. I looked on Newegg, they didn’t list any, so I ended up paying more than I should have for this drive ($59 US for the retal box)… but I had a gift card for most of it. Anyway… according to the specs on the box… this is an EIDE drive. I have SATA, but only use it for the system drive, right now… I’m planning on installing the drive sometime this weekend… I hope I’ll be able to burn with this unit. Is there a firmware update for this model, or should I just leave the firmware at the level it comes with?

I’m using Image Burn for DVD’s (SL and DL) and Nero (v. for audio CD’s. If I have a cue file, I’ll use Image Burn for CD’s also.

Thanks for your help.

I’ve only had one of these for about 3 days, but so far, I like it. It’s definitely an E-IDE drive. Not SATA. Also, it has one little “quirk”, that could be good or bad, depending on how you look at it. Its [B]very[/B] quiet. But thats partly because it throttles back the read speed so that the disc doesn’t spin like a mad-man. I like it for ripping in the wee hours of the night, but it does take longer than most drives I’ve used. It “rips” a standard audio CD at slightly less than 4x speed.

I believe there’s a way to override the slow-down function, but I haven’t found it yet.

As far as burning speeds… I burn at 2x for DVD’s (no matter what type) as my 4 year old Toshiba DVD player doesn’t seem to like DVD’s made at any other speed… for CD’s I use 8x. For ripping… I use EAC, and I seem to favor the Sony drive.

[QUOTE=rolli;2163610]I read the GH22 review (that sounded like a good burner too)…[/QUOTE]

Really bad burners are not on the market, the GH22 is not so bad, but not as compatible with different media and not so speedproof as GH20, the GH20 is the better CD burner too. I also know from some compatibility problems of GH22 in some systems. Reviews are interesting but when read you the last bad review on CD freaks, must be lightyears away. :slight_smile: Some reviews are in my opinion (sorry to say) a continuation of marketing to introduce new models. As we sad in Germany “Don`t trust statistics you doesn’t fake yourself”. :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=rolli;2163610]Anyway… according to the specs on the box… this is an EIDE drive. I have SATA, but only use it for the system drive, right now… [/QUOTE]

Interresting in Europe GH20 is only available as SATA device.

Thanks BurningFish. Your right… I haven’t read an outright bad review on a burner in a long while. :iagree: