LG GH20 Internal Super Multi DVD Rewriter

Guys, I just recently bought a DVD burner, its LG GH20 Super Multi DVD Rewriter. And when I was installing it I found out that its connected by SATA (Serial ATA), the problem is the cables in my system unit are all Parallel ATA.
Is there a way to connect this to my computer? by a adapter maybe? or should I return it to the shop and ask for some other model?

Please help.

Here’s my LG DVD Drive:

Here’s the back of the DVD Drive:

And here’s the cable (Parallel ATA) that my System unit has:

Please help.

Thanks guys!

i have a lg super multi dvd rewriter which has got sata cable is there a adapter i can buy. when i purchased dvd writer i was not told it was sata cables if anyone can help

If you have a SATA connector on your motherboard, then you should be able to hook it up. If not, then a SATA DVD burner drive like the GH20 can’t work on your existing mobo.

I am trying to figure out how to load the drivers for my new GH20. Right now it is not recognizable by my PC. The setup for it could also be wrong.

you would need one of these to make it work on your motherboard :


[QUOTE=death-heaven;2211730]you would need one of these to make it work on your motherboard :


NEW Serial ATA SATA (Motherboard Side) to IDE Ultra ATA-100/133 (Hard Drive) Mini Converters

Sorry, wrong direction.