LG GGW-H20LK - got old drive from Newegg

I just received an LG GGW-H20LK OEM Blu-ray burner from Newegg. I was surprised to see that the date of manufacture on the drive label is June, 2008. Since I ordered in February 2009, that seems pretty old.

I am considering sending it back for exchange, but first my question is: does anyone know whether anything was changed/improved in this model’s hardware/circuitry etc. after June 2008 that can’t be updated via firmware.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that drive and I doubt they ever had a improvement to it in production. I think they are selling off all the old stock as I’m sure they stopped making them shortly after Toshiba threw in the towel.
I’d just be happy you were able to still get a new new and update the Firmware to the latest and use it, there wont be any more like it.
If you don’t care about the HD-DVD rom reader part then I guess you could try to trade for a unit that doesn’t support it.

Although my main interest is Blu-ray, I do have a couple dozen HD-DVD discs and a Toshiba A30 set top player, so I have some interest in being able to read HD-DVD with a computer-based drive.

I think I will keep the drive. Thanks for the information.

Cool, I also have a bunch of HD-DVD disk so I jumped on one of these when the first price drops hit.
I got a A2 when the prices got stupid and was buying up all the cheap movies I could find. Then I got a demo Panasonic BD10a Blu ray for when the supply of cheaper movies died.
The LG has so far been able to playback anything I’ve fed it and I’ve done a couple of movies that play on every BD player I’ve tried em on.
Just remember to turn of defect management or it will burn BD very slowly.

As Dartman said, it’s not uncommon to get 5-6 months old blu-ray or DVD drive as they produce in batches, same as other electronics you buy. It’s also possible this drive is discontinued since they were releasing newer 6x BD model LG GBW-H20L (without HD DVD capability) and now 8x BD burner LG BH08LS20.

The LG GBW-H20L and GGW-H20L use the same hardware.

Buy it cheaper then crossflash…:bigsmile:

Thanks for all the good info.

For you who have this drive, how did you update the firmware? On LG’s site I found the latest firmware YL05 and download the .zip file. But inside the .zip file was a readme.txt that said it only works on Windows 2000 and XP. I am using Vista 64. Do I need to take the drive out of the vista PC and install it temporarily on an XP PC in order to update the firmware?

It also said:

[I]Connect the drive to the secondary IDE channel as a master drive with
no other devices connected to that channel (Ignore if it’s an SATA drive).
Start Windows and verify it can recognize the drive.[/I]

My GGW-H20LK is SATA, but on my Vista 64 PC I have the BIOS set to IDE mode for the optical drive (I forget why - I had it set that way for my previous drive which was a regular DVD SATA burner. It wouldn’t work right when set to SATA for some reason). So I am not sure whether I can rely on the statement to “ignore if it is an SATA drive”.

I use XP and mine updated just fine. I’ve never tried Vista so can’t say if it’ll work or not, I’d guess it will but I’m sure others who actually use it will say for sure what works.
I’d guess you had to set it to IDE mode so Optical drives are recognized properly and not seen as part of a raid group or something, or just not recognized at all because RAID/SATA mode only does Hard drives on many boards.

I updated this drive to YL05 on a Vista64 machine with no problems. Coincidently, mine was a June 2008 drive as well from Newegg.

Thanks, I did the update on my Vista 64 PC using LG’s auto firmware updater for Windows. It went to the website, downloaded the firmware and applied it to the drive.

so it can be updated?

thats great