LG GGW-H20L Vs Buffalo MediaStation 8X



Hi all

I will buy this month my first Bluray burner , and i am unsure of wich Drive to buy …:confused:

The contender…
Mediastation Blu-ray/DVD/cd Combo USB 2.0 $272.99
The MediaStation External drive offers the flexibility of two ports, one USB 2.0 and one eSATA.
Buffalo’s MediaStation Blu-ray drives support the following formats: Blu-ray BD-R 8x, Blu-ray BD-RE 2x, DVD RAM 5x, DVD -R 16x, DVD +R 16x, DVD-RW 6x, DVD +RW 8x, CD-R 48x, and CD-RW 24x. You can play HD-DVDs and Blu-ray disks .


The favorite drive doesn’t need a presentation :slight_smile:
LG GGW-H20L Price: $259.99

My question today is : if you have to chose between them, wich one you will buy and what is the main reason for that choice ?

Thank you.


I have a GGW 20 now, seems like a pretty good drive as far as BD burning and HD-DVD playback goes, so far the regular dvd burning could be better.
IF you have a bunch of HD-DVD titles like I do I’d get the LG, otherwise as long as the burn quality is good get the Media station.
Nobody will be making anymore combo drives like the LG so if you do need it get it now before the remaining stock disappears. You might want to try Egg as well, they and some others have a slightly better price on the LG and might also be better on the media station as well.



Read the articles again, these are two different drives. The amazon drive BRHC-6316U2 is based on the GGW-H20N, the emedialive BR-816SU2 is probably based on the Panasonic SW-5584.
There is also a BR-H816SU2, based on the latest LG BH08NS20 8x bluray burner, to complete the confusion.