LG GGW-H20L RE disk read speed .98x (slow, really slow)



Average read speed for a single layer Blu-ray RE disk x2 (by Sony) is .98x, this seems very slow, any idea why? Also the burn speed was only 1.2x, now I have a GGW-N10 on my other system and that one is suppose to be slower, but it burns the same disk a 1.88x so I’m concerned as to what is wrong. It starts at 1.57x and then just keeps getting slower as the disk continues to be read. Now at a .98x avg I have problems even playing a movie off the disk at times. The system is set to AHCI SATA mode, so I do not think that is the problem and the chipset is an Intel 631xESB chipset, the Hard drives x2 WD 150GB Raptors and x2 SATA DVD-RW drives do not have problems with speed, so I do not think it is a driver issue.
Even a pressed disk reads at only 1.12x speed, now I thought this was a 6x burner so the read should be at least 4x on a single layer blu-ray ROM disk right?

Any idea what could be wrong?, the speed is that reported by DVDINFO, also DVDINFO will not even allow be to perform a CRC check of the disk, burned in the same drive, though I think this is a program limitation.



Could be the sata controller (setup) making all that trouble.
could you try another sata port or cable?
Which other sata ODDs are connected?


Can you use CDspeed and run a burst rate test and see what you get?

What OS are you using Vista or XP?


I think DVD INFO was partly at fault, I used Nero Disc Speed to create a disk (scame out at 1.38x this time), however a read test showed 2.13x for a RE disk and over 4x for a Blu-ray movie I have so I think much of the problems as I said stemmed from the use of DVD INFO. I should also mention that nero (latest version 8.2.8?) does not seem to fully recognize th e drive, it has a reasonable idea what it is dealing with, but disc write speeds confuse it. Nero also managed to complete a surface scan without issue.