LG GGW-H20L not work with Win7

Hello ,
I have some problem about the drive LG GGW-H20L combo drive BR+HDdvd .
The drive not work with any type of disk (dvd, blueray , ecc ) after the upgrade of Xp to Win7 .
The drive working good with xp , but not work with win7/ win 8 (i try).
I have try delete the upfilter from “local machine” but nothing is change .
The MB is a ASUS M2N-X

Someone can help me ? :sad:
Thank to all


My GGW-H20L works in both Win 7 and Win 8, so it is not an inherent flaw in the drive.

Asus does not list a set of drivers for the motherboard and these two operating systems, so you probably do not have all the necessary drivers installed. Vista drivers will sometimes work for Win 7, but I don’t know if that holds true for this motherboard.

This motherboard uses the Nvidia nForce 520 chipset, and Nvidia does not offer generic drivers for that chipset for Windows 7 or 8.

Try updating the firmware of your drive to the latest firmware (YL07) if you haven’t got the latest firmware onboard already (http://club.myce.com/f61/post-new-firmware-tool-announcements-here-blu-ray-hd-dvd-drives-only-223975/index5.html#post2589030).

Maybe try different SATA controller settings (avoid RAID) and see if you can find a Win 8 compatible driver for your Nvidia controller (a Win 7 one might also work OK on Win 8), although its an old motherboard and there might not be any (newer) Win7/8 drivers around.

If nothing else works you might try using a Win 7/8 compatible SATA PCI/PCIe card which explicitly states that it supports optical drives (not all of them do).

I also have that drive and win7 see’s it fine so maybe your install or drivers have a issue like has been said. It even says it’s a BD-RE drive in the windows file manager thing and if I click on it it opens to have me put a disk in.
I’m running the 64 bit ultimate version here.