LG GGW-H20L not recognized in Windows XP Explorer

I recently installed an LG GGW-H20L in my system with OS of Win XP, SP2 & notice that Win Explorer does not read the drive with an HD-DVD disc in drive. It will however read a normal DVD in the drive. CDSpeed, Nero, PDVD, AnyDVD all read HD-DVD’s in my drive. The Explorer window does not?
Drive reads, plays HD DVD’s fine (do not have any BD disc at the moment).
What is missing in my system that would allow me to read HD-DVD’s in the drive in Win XP?
Or is this possible?

Windows XP doesn’t understand UDF 2.50+, you need to install some of the stuff that came with the drive on the disc (or another UDF parser).

HD discs are UDF 2.5, which XP cannot read. You need a player software or AnyDVD-HD to be able to browse or play HD discs.