LG GGW H20L - not reading HD-DVD

Hi. My year-old LG GGW H20L can’t read any HD-DVD I throw at it. All retail Blu-Ray discs work fine, as does burning using TDK 25GB BD-R media.

However, any HD-DVD I throw into it has issues. Blue light just keeps blinking, and the drive doesn’t recognise any disc. I’ve tried Transformers, MI3, The Big Lebowski and King Kong. No clue why this is happening. FW is YL05. Anyone else has this issue?

Bump! OS is Vista x64, so the UDF driver is installed by default. Anyone else seeing this issue?

Hello Bhairav,

I also have a problem. The drive reads CD, DVD and Blu-ray, but does not want to read HD DVD. Similarly, the flashing light, and in Windows Explorer, nothing is displayed. What is the problem and did not understand. Firmware native YL05.