LG GGW-H20L can't write blu-ray files

I just bought LG GGW-H20L (FW newest YL05 updated) burner and tried to burn CD, DVD+R and DVD+RW with success.
But I can’t write blu-ray files as Blu-Ray and always got error in writing.
the bd-re wot came in the box :sad:

What program are you using to burn? I use ImgBurn with this same burner, and have one of those LG BD-RE disks that came with the drive. It takes a very long time to format a 25gb BD-RE disk, but it has to be a full format the first time the disk is used. ImgBurn will automatically do this format for you prior to your burn.

These particular BD-RE disks sold by LG don’t seem to have a very good reputation, but I have successfully written to mine twice now.

ImgBurn. nero 8. fab 6112. with no look
going to buy a VERBATIM bd 2 morrow and try that