Lg ggw h20l blue ray



[qanda]This thread is about the LG GGW-H20L. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]i just installed this in my computer but having problems trying to play blue ray. DVD OK. CD OK. i noticed on the CyberLink Advisor
via 53g unichrome pro igp is red
graphic card driver
hd compliant red
amd sempron processor 2800+ is gray

what can i do to fix the problem and wot do you recommend


Your video processor is built into the motherboard, and is not particularly powerful. It is a Via S3g Unichrome Pro IGP. Cyberlink advisor is telling you that it is not sufficient for playing HD video, and it is not HDCP compliant. Your cpu is also borderline according to Cyberlink.

What is the exact model computer that you have? If it is not a OEM computer, (like a Dell or HP, or Compaq), then tell us the make and model motherboard that you have. You’ll need either an AGP slot, or preferably a 16x PCI-e slot to install a new video card.

It might also help to know the make and model monitor you have, so we can see if if it HDCP compliant.


thanks for reply its a asus k8v mx and my moniter is VGA


Your motherboard has an AGP slot, so you can upgrade the graphics on it. Here is the list of AGP cards that are HDCP compliant at Newegg.
AGP is a dying interface, so these cards tend to be overpriced for their performance level. I’d look at the 3650 or 3850 cards.

It also sounds like you have an older style tube CRT monitor. This won’t be compliant either. You’ll either have to get a monitor with HDCP compliant connector (DVI or HDMI), or run AnyDVD HD in the background as you play your blu ray movies.

The HDCP compliant LCD monitors at Newegg start at $130 or so: Here is that list

Together that would be $210 at least. Might want to look into upgrading the entire machine if you are spending that much money on what is basically an obsolete system.


thanks a lot you have been very helpfull and will buy a new system:clap: