LG GGW-H20L Blu-ray Writer Review

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The LG GGW-H20L is a Blu-ray Disc & HD DVD reader giving you ability to watch high-definition content on your PC, additionally its capability to write DVD and CD-R media with excellent quality establishing this drive as an All-In-One solution.

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I cannot see any overburning tests on CD discs in this review Can this burner overburn CD media?

I am not an expert in this Blu-ray stuff. Can you answer a direct question for me; Will this burner allow me to copy Blu-ray movie discs 1080P using software such as Anydvd HD? Before I buy it I want to be sure I am getting what I want. What I want is to make a back-up copy of my Blu-ray library as I build it so my kids won’t cost me an arm and a leg for each disc they destroy.

I managed to pick this burner up about 2 months ago for 160.00 with 4 years warrenty from bestbuy got them to price match an online add massive sale. I am not bsing you I can show you my reciet. Any how found only one issue thus far. Stuck it in my tower and went to install a fresh copy of vista 64 bit not sp1 and I kept getting the blue screen of death during set up. I had to put my regualr DVD burner back in on the ide in order for me to finish the install. I put the blue ray back in but got the blue screen of death again until I finished updating vista with the sp1 update I was not able to get the blue ray burner to work without blue screening me.

See that the price has drop to $199.99 with free shipping from NewEgg.