LG-GGW-H20L and Digistor BD-R Media



I have a LG-GGW-H20L BluRay Writer that will not burn to Digistor 25GB BD-R discs. I have updated to latest firmware YL-07 from LG support but to no avail.
Has anyone else had this problem with this drive, if so have you found a way of sorting it out.
See attached screenshot and log from imageburn.
The disc is recognised as blank media it starts the burn OK then fills the buffer and quits giving the error shown in picture.


Depends on how much of a risk you’re willing to try new user-created F/W. Someone found that the LG’s F/W had a typo for this media type and fixed it in a hex editor, seemed to work.

updating the F/W requires using a command prompt and running a flasher.exe application by devilsclaw (a generic F/W updater application for optical drives).

and the fixed F/W (not really sure if i’m allowed to post this or not but I’ll try it anyway):

then extracting the .bin into the flasher.exe folder running the command
flasher -D (to get the Drive ID then use that below)
flasher -d [Drive ID] -f hl20.bin

Other than that this drive doesn’t seem to support this media.


Selecting MAX speed with this media is pure madness…


[QUOTE=chef;2646669]Selecting MAX speed with this media is pure madness…[/QUOTE]

In this case max speed is the same as the only available speed, 2x.