LG GGC H20N cant update firmware


I have spent a lot of hours trying to figure this out is trying me crazy because I can’t do anything.

The problem is it wont let me update the drivers. I download the latest firmware from the offcial site and it says target drive cant be found.

I googled this and someone had the same problem and this was a guys answer:

“this issue here is that you flashed it to the oem firmware, that was released UJ12, the official firmware for the LG is ULxx, you would need MCSE to allow you to flash back to that firmware, or you can just use the RPC1 of the UJ12”

That makes no sense to me but the OP posted back later and said it worked so I guess that it was I have to do.

I have this MCSE program but no idea how to do what is required so please could someone tell me the easiest way to make possible so I can update the firmware.

Thanks for you time.

Post a screenshot of the nero infotool drive tab.

Ok thanks for the advice here are the results:

Are you sure you did not try the GGC H20L firmware by mistake ? Which SATA Controller are you using ?