LG GGC-H20LI for $225 + shipping at BestBuy.com

Online only and just came back in stock.
Sure it won’t last long.


Great find, thanks!

Thanks, markrb. Tempting, but I think I’ll wait for the GGW.

Hopefully, they’re putting the GGC on sale because they want to clear them out before getting the GGW. hopeful

Very tempting indeed. Thanks for the heads up.

sold out

back to $299 but not in stock.

Bought the LG GGC-H20L at NCIX.com for $249 and installed it today. ( Plenty in stock) I run XP and Vista Premium on my system and interestingly, it will not play the HD DVD’s on Vista, but will on XP. Video card is not HDCP compliant ( Radeon X1300 AGP 512 mg) when they ( Visiontek) told me it was. Picture is still excellent, but not the true HD you would get with a PC Express card that is HDCP compliant. Also learned that no AGP card is HDCP, only PC Express. So…in order for this to work right, I need to get a new motherboard and PC Express card that supports HD. Even after learning all this after the fact, I am still going to keep it as eventually I will update my board and video card. The HP W2207 - 22" monitor I have is about as high def as you are going to get for a LCD monitor. Or…I could just go out and buy a HDTV instead.