LG GGC H20L Not Reading Blue-Ray

[qanda]This thread is about the LG GGC-H20L. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hi all. I have recently purchased an LG GGC H20L drive, Asus EAH 3480 graphics card and Full HD TV which I connect via HDMI. The motherboard is an intel viiv. I am running vista home premium. I have tried windvd 9 and powerdvd included with the drive.

My problem is with the drive playing blue ray disks. I can play HD DVD fine at full HD but when I put a blueray in (tried with Hostel) the blue light on the drive flashes and it seems to start reading but doesnt appear in windows explorer. I cant explore the file system of the disk as it never stops attempting to the read the disk.

Is this a common problem with the drive? Or is it an incompatable blueray disk? Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

Is your PowerDVD up to date?

And regardless of an HDMI connector, the video card has to support HDCP.

I had same problem. I had to update firmware to version YL05.

Good luck:cool:

[QUOTE=Dogg;2183409]Is your PowerDVD up to date?

And regardless of an HDMI connector, the video card has to support HDCP.[/QUOTE]

If your computer has AnyDVD, HDCP support shouldn’t matter.:clap::clap::clap:

Man…I’ve been at this for hours. Re-Flashing my Asus BW-12B1ST to Lite-on, trying ALL the players,re-doing VLC, etc. Put in Any DVD HD and finally a Bingo. 1st time anyone’s even mentioned AnyDVD.

Thank you, p200002. Where do I send the case of your favorite beverage?
My 1st Blue-Ray, thought it was on it’s way back.

I’ll ask “The Man”, p200002. What do you use to rip/burn BD’s?

Thanks again and again. :bow:

^Since p200002 is unlikely to answer, seeing that his last activity here was in 2009, I’ll chip in. AnyDVD HD has its own built-in ripper. Just right click on the little fox icon at the bottom right of your screen and you’ll see a pop up list of options, including ripping to files or ripping as an image file (ISO).

Conversion of blu ray to mkv or mp4: VidCoder or Handbrake

Compression of blu ray to smaller sizes, or conversion to dvd-video: BD Rebuilder

You should use ImgBurn to do any blu ray burning.

Yes, I forget to look at the dates. LOL

Thanks Kerry.
Looking at your tutorials, also. Very helpful.