LG GGC-H20L & Intel Bad Axe 2 Problems

Hi All,

Needed to change my graphics card recently so thought I’d treat myself to a Blu-Ray drive to replace my current Samsung SATA DVD-RW. Thought I would just be able to plug in, instally AnyDVD & PowerDVD. How wrong I was :frowning:

Motherboard = Intel Bad Axe 2 - 975X - Quad Core Extreme CPU @ 2.66

It has 2 sets of 4 SATA connectors. I have 3 hard disks on the Intel Matrix array - 2x74gb Raptors (Raid) and a 1tb Samsung. The 4th connector has (had) my current DVD/RW Samsung drive.

The 2nd set of 4 SATA connectors (Marvell) isn’t used and I have that disabled in the BIOS (one of the 4 is red as it’s designed for external SATA).

I have a normal DVD drive on PATA connector.

After installing the drive get into Windows and put a Blu-Ray disc in. AnyDVD pop’s up and says it’s scanning then the machine hard locks. Reset and try a HD-DVD - hard locks. Remove ANYDVD and still same effect.

Burned a data CD fine.
Read an audio CD fine.

Swapped SATA cables made no difference.

Attached the SATA cable to the Marvell SATA set of ports. Installed the drivers & renabled in the BIOS.

Put blu-ray in - hard locks.
Put HD-DVD in - hard locks.

I have taken the LG drive into the office today and installed it into a Linux box thats a fairly basic spec (2 x SATA - 1 hard disk). Once installed whilst I can’t play movies under Linux (not installed relevant Sw etc - can of worms!!) I can see the Blu-Ray & HD-DVD contents which to my mind tells me the drive is working.

So I guess the question now is - do I need a new motherboard, seperate PCI SATA controller just for this or just forget about it working.

My old DVD/DVDRW is back in and working fine again.

I’m guessing that the LG blu-ray drive doesn’t like to be in RAID. I assume you set RAID in BIOS for the Intels?

If all fails, PCI Sata controller is a cheap alternative (less than $20).