LG GE24LU20 - Rips DVDs Very Slowly

I just purchased an LG GE24LU20 external Super Multi DVD Rewriter. I am attempting to rip DVD movies to my hard drive.

The DVD drive estimates that the rip will take approximately 45-60mins per DVD, no matter what program use. I prefer using CloneDVD but have also tried DVD Shrink, DVDfab and several others.

Is there any way I can increase the ripping speed of my drive? I have looked at other posts here on the forum and there is no hacked firmware available (at least not that I saw). Any suggestions?

Hi and Welcome!

have you tried the drive with another computer? Perhaps there is some USB problem or something like that.
In case you are ready to void your warranty and in case LG has already published a firmware for that drive, you might check if MCSE can do something for you.


It isn’t a USB problem, I tried it on two different laptops, one netbook and my desktop. According to the box, it reads DVD-Video discs at a max speed of 4x and I want to hack the firmware to make it read faster. MCSE can’t help me (I assume) because the link you provided doesn’t list my LG model as a supported device.

Still stry MCSE if there is a firmware for that drive available. The list on the MCSE website isn’t always complete. Or the tool can often handle firmwares that are not listed there.