LG GE24LU20 and Taiyo Yuden DVDs: Very Bad Burns



I am using an LG GE24LU20 Super Multi-writer to burn Nero Vision projects and image files to Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD-Rs (JVC: J-DMR-ZZ-SB8). Windows 7 Professional 64-bit is the OS and Nero 9 is the burning software.
The burns are absolutely horrible - not even close to being acceptable! I cannot believe that five Taiyo Yudens in a row from different places in a cake box could be this bad. Could the generic Microsoft driver (2006 is latest update) play a part in bad burning?
Note: The LG seems to make fairly good burns on TY CD-Rs, just not DVD-Rs. Is there something simple I am missing? Thank you in advance for any tips and suggestions.
The attached screenshots illustrate how bad the burns are:


Just for the sake of comparison, do you have any old scans for reference, and a new scan of a old, known-good disc? Also, does the slim internal drive have any issues reading the disc back? (Same question for the external LG).

Also, what write speed did you use?


Hello and thank you Albert,
Both burners play back the discs, but the quality is not the same as the original, unedited master DVD which was recorded on a standalone DVD recorder, and supplied the original imported project files.
I used 8x and 4x speeds - it doesn’t seem to matter.
Here are two burns of a different project, one with the LG and one with the Slimtype internal:


Pardon me for interrupting the flow here, but when you say,

Both burners play back the discs, but the quality is not the same as the original, unedited master DVD which was recorded on a standalone DVD recorder, and supplied the original imported project files.

Do you mean that the video doesn’t play back as well, [B]and[/B] have as good a picture quality? Or are you simply commenting on the relatively poor burns of the blank dvds?


I will say that the picture quality looks different on discs from both burners, but I cannot trust that since the burns were so bad. This project aside, the Slimtype internal has had much better success with the TYs than the LG, although I do not have more Disc Speed screenshots.
note: The LG is two years old and went bad last year, causing Windows to crash repeatedly on several computers. It was replaced under warranty. Before it started crashing, its burns on DVDs were not very good then either; I actually went back to using the internal for DVDs. The TY CD-Rs work well on both burners, but the internal has provided much better burns (i.e. Max. Error: 6, Total: 59) than the LG ever has.
Could this be a blank DVD media issue? I have some Sony DVD-Rs and DVD+Rs to experiment with. I will get back when I have the results.
Thank you.


My point is that the burns will not affect picture quality.

Running your original video through Nero Vision will.

The only ill effects you might see with a bad burn will be stuttering, or a stoppage of playback. Your player may not be able to read the information well enough to give smooth playback. But picture quality decrease will be entirely from using Nero.


I don’t mean to make it seem like the picture after Nero Vision is bad, it just seems different in a way I cannot put my finger on. Perhaps it’s just me - all of the other projects I’ve done with Vision look great.
The players do not skip, stutter, or hang up in places, but I don’t know how with error numbers that large. Here is a screenshot of a Sony (Ritek) DVD-R burned at 16x tonight on the LG :


Bad media fed to a kinda bad burner, I think…


As long as the burns play back fine, I wouldn’t be too worried. But knowing burns from the LiteOn slim drive look better scan-wise than the LG drive’s burns makes me think you could stand to replace the LG anyway. The slim drive looks to be really sensitive to DVD quality (though likely doesn’t report all errors in CD scans), but burns of TY media shouldn’t look that bad. (The Ritek burn shouldn’t look so bad, either.)


So the bottom line is I need to replace the LG GE24LU20 with something else? Any suggestions? I would like an external unit built as solidly as the LG, but the burn quality is ultimately the deciding factor for me.
Also, I didn’t know that my internal slim drive was a LiteOn (how would one know) - I thought it was some sort of a generic.


My knee jerk recommendation would be another LG, but given your experience, it may not go so well. Try a LiteOn or Samsung; both are decent brands and typically produce good hardware. No specific model; most drives these days are pretty good at their job.

Or, if you wanted, you could get an external enclosure and get an Optiarc. Depending on what you could find, a 7200, 7240, 7260, or 7280 series drive (or 5200/5240/5260/5280 series drive) would be quite the nice replacement.

Just make sure to stay with a half-height drive for best performance; another slim drive like the internal drive would be of no benefit.

Oh: LiteOn switched to a generic drive name string back in 2009…or 2008. I forget which. After that, half height drives show up as ATAPI (model number), and slim drives identify as Slimtype (model number). Some brands may still request the drive ID string be changed to something even more generic, but the model numbers reported in the ID string generally vary enough that you can tell the original manufacturer.