LG GE24LU20 and really slow dvd burn times

My old Samsung external SE-204N finally gave up on me and I went out and got a LG GE24LU20 external. I am running it on a Windows XP machine. On my old set up I was using Convertxtodvd to convert and burn video. Burn times were just a few short minutes on the Samsung. Now, right out the gate, burn times are literally hours and hours for one disc. I use Verbatim media. I have tried 4x, 8x and 16x just to see if things changed, nothing did. I have checked that all channels are set to DMA. I am not at all tech savvy so I am here to get any and all suggestions from those who are. Thanks in advance.

We should probably start by seeing if the drive is properly recognized in Windows.
Right click the “My Computer” desktop icon, click “manage”, and choose “device manager”. See if there are any warnings and see if your drive is listed under DVD/CD-rom drives?

At first, I’d try the drive with another computer and see what is happening there. This should rule out issues with the system configuration.

The test should not include reading and conversion tasks, but only writing. A 4GB ISO image (like a Linux distribution) on the HDD would be close to perfect.


Yeah it seems to recognize it and I don’t see any warnings. I backed up some photos on to a dvd the other day, about 4 gigs worth, using imgburn, and it seemed to do alright though it seemed to take a tad longer than the Samsung. But still the Video burn rate is excruciatingly slow. I don’t have another computer handy right now to try out.

Your snag may be with the software you are using.

Try burning the converted files with Imgburn?

Tried it. still slow with video. I tried another usb port and cable still no change.

can you post the text from the ImgBurn burn log? To find past log data: http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=14632