LG GE20 drive IDE? or SATA?

Hello, I have seen a extern Case on Ebay from LG with written in the down right corner GE20 Mac Compatible.
No idea if 20NU or 20NS… I
It look like an Company seller. Most of them dont answer mails or cant say something more about it.

So its that an IDE or SATA drive inside? And can i easy use the case for other any kind of burner or only half size 5 / 1/4 … ?

thx Gordon2017

If it’s numbered “GE20” then that is an original LG drive and enclosure. It should have a “super multi” logo on the top of the case. It that is the one, the drive is a full size 5.25", and I’m pretty sure it has a SATA I interface.

The original LG branded enclosure can easily be re-used for a different drive of the same size, but it won’t be pretty as the custom faceplate is part of the original LG drive.

Remove the four rubber feet from the bottom (they pop on and off very easily using ingenious friction catches) to reveal the four mounting screws.

There is an additional screw for the RF shield in the back, at the top edge of the rear.