LG GDR-8163RBB Firmware Help Please


I just bought a LG GDR-8163RBB 16x 52x Double Layer and i would like to know if theres any firmware out there that enables him to become region free to watch dvd from all regions.


JB :eek:

Here it is.


Can you tell us the full specs?

Maybe a link.

Never mind.

I found them.

Beschreibung DVD-ROM-Laufwerk
DVD 16x DVD-ROM, max. 22.1 Mbytes/Sek., 2x DVD-RAM, max. 2.7 Mbytes/Sek.
CD 52x, max. 7.8 Mbytes/Sek.
Zugriffszeit DVD 110 ms, CD 98 ms
Buffer 256 KB
Interface E-IDE/ATAPI

Because you said Double Layer I thought you meant a new 16x DVD Burner.


Where did you buy if from?