LG GDR-8163B wont read DVD's

Hey People!
I need advice here, in case I something forgot. My cousin’s LG DVD-ROM GDR-8163B stopped reading DVD’s. Apparently, he (my cousin) was playing a game and CD was in the tray. During that a power failure ocurred. Since then drive wont read any DVD, but reads CD’s fine. I put the drive in my computer and the same thing happens. It reads CD’s fine, but when reading DVD it just stops after a few seconds. I think there’s no help here and the dvd part of the drive is dead. The drive is about a year and a half old; I’ve opened it and there’s no single trail of dust particles.
If someone has any ideas what to do, please say. At least I need confirmation that the DVD part of the drive is dead.

Maybe the dvd part is really dead.

But yould try to clean it properly, as a last resort.

well… ok, i know this is a pretty late answer but… u might consider handling the drive to some IT Pro. or Elec Engineer of these who used to fix and replace things magically :p… maybe it only needs a lens replacement… i don’t think it’s gonna cost more than $4-8… and then the drive is back as-new :slight_smile:

Thanks again!
Maybe I will. Actually, I wont, my cousin will, it’s his drive, now.:slight_smile: I gave it to him while still was good.
(But why bother with fixing it, even in Bosnia the burners are cheap now?)