LG GDR-8163b problems



Hello. I recently bought a 6 month old LG GDR-8163b drive that had only been used a few times. It came with no TDE cable or disc, just the drive. So I plugged my IDE cable that was used for my previous Philips DROM6016/44. I then booted up my PC, it then installed the driver. I am struggling as the drive will not read any dvd’s that I put in. the current firmware it is on is OL23

Also I bought this drive to read wii games and use rawdump, but when I use it it reads the game but comes up with a .net framework unhandled exception. Does anybody know a fix for this?

Many Thanks


Welcome to CD Freaks :slight_smile: : however please can you not post the question several times across the forums. It make it difficult to co-ordinate the replies.