Lg Gdr-8163b Any Good?



I was going to buy the LG GDR 8163B today but thought I better see if anyone on here has any bad thoughts on this DVD ROM?:confused:


Sorry to be blunt, I hate it.

Mine refuses to read 99% of my burned audio and data CD-R’s. Others have had a hard time with DVD read speeds.


if you want a DVDROM just for reading DVDs on your computer, they are OK… but don’t expect them to do much more :wink:


Yea, its not a bad drive, but look elsewhere for say a specialist ripper/one that can emulate protections.


I used it as cd reader a couple of time only and didn’t have any problems. I don’t use Alcohol or anything like that.

As for ripping, I flashed a firmware by The Dangerous Brothers and now its fine.

Still is locked for recorded disks. :sad: