LG GDR-8162B DVD-ROM drive stopped working

I have a LG GDR-8162B dvd-rom drive that has been working fine for about 2 years but recently i got problems. Whatever dvd or cd i put in it (that previously worked) it just keeps trying to read for about a minute and the drive starts making these ticking sounds after which it gives up and the cd or dvd is still not recognised.
I’ve checked the cables inside the computer and they all seem ok.
The device manger in windows says the drive is working correctly.

Anything i can try or is the drive as good as dead?

Hi and welcome!

to sort out system issues, you can try if you can still boot from the drive using a bootable CD (like Ultimate Boot CD or Damn Small Linux and so on). If that fails, then the drive is probably dead. In that case you may open it and try cleaning the lens and regrease the rails and see if that helps.


I have the same drive with the same issue.

Spins and ticks and nothing.

I have taken it apart and looked, it appears the laser can no longer focus.

I am todding mine, I suggest you do the same.

Not worth the time to try and fix it