LG GCE-8526B lost during firmware update

Hi everyone.

I´m a newbie, when I was updating my new LG GCE-8526B the flash utility frooze and I had to restart my computer.
Is my writer gone forever or can it be saved?

Please help me, the writer was my christmas present to my self.

Michael from Sweden. :bow:

My NEC DVD-burner was lost to but I found a DOS program who helped me, does anyone know if there are any DOS programs for my LG GCE-8526B?

For my DVD I made a boot disc and flashed in DOS and now it works great again.

You can try mtkflash.

Hi, can I use the firmware from LG´s website when I use mtkflash?


If the firmware is a binary file or a hex file (.bin or .hex) then it should work. I don’t know for sure if your drive is compatible with mtkflash though.


My firmware is called: GCE-8526B104(W).exe

When I lost my NEC ND-2500A DVD burner I started with a Win bootdisc and flashed it with an .exe file, and NEC´s flash program.

Don´t you´ll think it would work?


It’s you who can try it because others don’t have your drive. Try it and then let dhc014 be informed of your result. No warranty of course.

The exe file is just the usual Windows flasher.

Is the drive new? Then RMA it.

It is a Windows flasher, I bought the burner 2004-12-23 so I guess it´s new.

What is RMA?
How do I use it?
Where di I get it?

Hi Mike,

yes, MTKFLASH works with most LG burners. I’ve used it successfully with a GCC-4521B, a GCE-8480B and a GCE-8320B. The only thing is that you need to extract the .HEX file from the .EXE file that you download from the LG site. What I use to do is start the exe file and, before hitting ‘cancel’ to close it, find the temporary directory where it has been unpacked and copy the hex file with the firmware somewhere else.

Where was the hex file stored on your computer?

I found the hex file, but when I reboot I can´t find my c:, what disc should I use to reboot WinXP with SP-2?

All my HDD´s are NTFS.

I downloaded: Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2 Utility: Setup Disks for Floppy Boot Install ( WindowsXP-KB310994-SP2-Pro-BootDisk-ENU.exe ).

Does anyone know if this tool are good?
Or just crap… :wink:

\ Micael. :cool:

Download these:



And then install Ultra ISO 7. Run Ultra ISO 7 and open the b2.iso from b2.rar. Insert your hex file to the iso file inside the Ultra ISO 7 menu. Burn the ISO image to a CD-RW media.

I also got ide.HEX from running the 1.04 exe file.