LG GCE-8483B firmware

I have an LG GCE-8483B CD-RW drive with firmware version 1.03.

I seek a newer version of the GCE-8483B firmware.

A few searches on the Internet yield that firmware version 1.04 exits for GCE-8483B.

I have been unable to locate version 1.04 of the firmware for GCE-8483B. OEMs that seem to have (or have had) GCE-8483B include Dell, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, and Gateway. I have only found firmware downloads from Dell and IBM (IBM has firmware version 1.03).

I would appreciate assistance in locating firmware 1.04 or newer be found.

Where may firmware 1.04 (or another newer firmware than 1.03) be found?


I’ve the same drive, and I only found firmware 1.03 (from ibm in fact). I’ll try with LG odd updater soon (next week).

I was wondering in crossflashing it with 8525B firmware… they have the same chipset… have someone ever tried ?

Edit : I know the topic is 2 months old…

[QUOTE=Lithium466;2114549]Edit : I know the topic is 2 months old…[/QUOTE]But still monitored.

But nobody answered :frowning: :o
This drive doesn’t seems to be well-known…