Lg Gce-8480b

I’ve recently been trying out an LG GCE-8480B CD burner (the 48x16x48x model) which here in the UK comes with Nero software and Mt. Rainier enabled. The drive is nicely styled (same as previous LG models) and operates quite quietly and smoothly.

The firmware of my example is 1.02, and it was built in July 2002. I’m rather surprised that, with the limited choice of 48x media available to me (TDK Speed-X and TDK D-View is all), the drive absolutely refuses to offer a 48x recording speed - or even 40x, with these - the choices are “capped” at 32x. I understand that though CDSpeed identifies these discs as manufactured by TDK, they could be from CMC and that this might have some effect on the drive firmware’s assumptions about their quality. I happened to have some Maxell CD-R80XL-S discs (32x rated) made by Taiyo Yuden, and in this case speeds up to 40x are offered by the drive in the drop-down speed menu of Nero. I have since tried a 48x test recording on the TDK Speed-X media with a LiteOn 48125W (since this is impossible to do with the LG drive) and it performed faultlessly.

I suppose all this is caution on LG’s part to avoid the risk of faulty burns (as advertised on its packaging), an equivalent of LiteOn’s Smartburn type of feature - but I can’t understand why it cannot be disabled when required, as it can with LiteOn drives. Similarly, I don’t understand why the buffer underrun protection CAN be disabled on the LG - why would one want to? Again, the opposite situation is true with LiteOn, and seems to make more sense to me.

CDSpeed also showed the LG’s self-imposed limitation of 40x read speed when accessing CD-Rs, as mentioned in a recent review. Strangely, its burst rate was very slow too, even on pressed data CDs - only 1MB/s maximum when the same discs tried on the LiteOn LTR 48125W connected in its place were at least 12MB/s, and even a Pioneer DVD-116 slaved on this port (I know it’s not an ideal setup!) managed almost 11 MB/s with these same discs. Here, I’m unsure of the reason for the LG’s lower performance.

When I asked LG in the UK about the recording speed limitations, they weren’t able to tell me much as only a relatively low number of this drive model have so far been sold here, they said. I asked if firmware updates might widen the choice of recording speeds but they said these generally appear only after a year or so.

Am I missing something here? It seems to me that (though I’m a beginner at all this and so have a lot to learn) buyers who simply go out and buy the LG drive without any intention of reading up about all the background information in forums like this, are going to be very disappointed to buy a 48x burner, feed it 48x discs, and only be offered 32x burning as a maximum, with apparently no way around it. I certainly find it frustrating - in real terms it probably makes little difference to the overall time but it’s not nice to be so aware that you have no choice in the matter!

Does anyone know if LG are addressing this limitation at all?

Thank you.


I can not help you with new info regarding where LG is addressing this issue or not, but can tell you this ‘pickiness’ with media happens in all LG hi-speed recorders (8320B, 8400B and 8480B).

Regarding the 8480B I’ve only found 2 media types out of around 25 high speed media tested ones that do write at 48x : The verbatim DataLife Plus 40x and the Samsung premium DigitAll 32x media. All of the others being limited to 32x and, in some cases, 40x… Even Samsung Premium DigitAll 48x media only writes at 40x, go figure!

On the good side, you really don’t have to worry about write quality. I have not burned a single coaster or too-many-c2 errors disk yet… and already burned around 100 with this drive.

So, my suggestion for you is to enjoy your drive and don’t worry too much about drive speed…


Hi, again, Helen. Nice to see you again on the board. :slight_smile:

Here is what I posted at CDRLabs.com forum in early this month.


I’ll now translate some of the South Korean KBench news page at http://www.kbench.com/news/?no=16233 into English: (KBench has millions of highly loyal readers though only inside SK.)

[i]News Hardware

KBench 02/10/28 (Octobe 28, 2002)

Many consumers are unhappy with their LG 48x CD writer, GCE-8480B (48x 16x 48x) announced in August.

The users reported that (it) can recognize many 40x media that are “mainstream” for now only as 32x. However, LG’s 40x recorder does write at 40x with the same 40x media which further increases consumer suspicion.

Presently, the consumers are requesting for a firmware to solve this but LG has only released 8481B model with an upgraded feature of 24x RW performance without improving the existing product.

Regarding this issue of blank CD recognition, LG Electronics Internet service board blames the blank CD rather than providing fundamental solutions.

Additionally, some users have told (us) that LG is replacing the inside (?) with that of 8481B to those that request A/S for the 8480B’s media recognition problems.[/i]

I intentionally tried to keep the SK-news style in translation. LG will soon concentrate more on DVD writers and CD-RW/DVD-ROM combo drives instead of traditional DVD-ROM and CD-RW drives.

I’m not sure exactly what they are doing to solve the issue at LG in Seoul. I have been just telling everyone to buy the latest one, GCE-8481B or wait for the 48/24/48/16 combo model.

Here are the Yong-San price list of Danawa.co.kr. The domestic South Korean market is roughly divided between Yong-San and Jaebol companies like Samsung and LG and there are thousands of the most important distributors, manufacturers, retailers, eBusinesses, service centers, massive markets, and hardware news and review sites like KBench.com and PCBee.co.kr in Yong-San.

CD-RW LG 40x GCE-8400B Yeok-Su (literally meaning “Reverse” and “Imported”, really meaning exported to the US market and re-ported via mysterious channels to South Korea) 67,000 (won) (1 US dollar = 1,200 won to 1,300 won)
CD-RW LG 40x GCE-8401B 99,000
CD-RW LG 40x GCE-8401B Bulk (without box) 89,000
CD-RW LG 48x GCE-8480B Yeok-Su 85,000
CD-RW LG 48x GCE-8480B 108,000
CD-RW LG 48x GCE-8481B Yeok-Su 91,000
CD-RW LG 48x GCE-8481B 109,000

All the reviews of GCE-8400B and GCE-8480B I’ve read, both domestic South Korean and international, dealt with the media compatibility issues. I tried to catch up with some discussion threads but haven’t seen anyone reporting significant improvements with the latest firmware update.

I can suggest two good things:

  1. Ask for a replacement that will correctly write at the rated speed.

  2. Use only the few media that write at 48x without any serious problem.

LG GCE-8480B Firmware version 1.03 supporting Mt. Rainier