Lg Gce-8480b

Does anyone out there have the firmware for the LG 48x drive? I have a LG GCE-8400B that I’d like to flash to a LG GCE-8480B … please email me at Bill@HendrickMail.com :cool:

Yes please post this firmware ASAP I also have a GCE-8400 and would love to upgrade it to the GCE-8480B.

The 8480B drive sucks big time! Check the review at CDRLabs.com. Stick with your current firmware.

Just so everyone knows, you can’t flash your GCE-8400B to GCE-8480B. It just won’t work, it will kill your drive. How do I know you ask, I’ve already tried it about a month ago.

For more info check out this thread: http://www.cdrlabs.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=6401


I own a 8320B flashed to 8400B, and since in need for another writer, and because I could no longer find 8320B’s with 8Mb, went ahead and picked a 8480B, because I could find it dirty cheap (70€, VAT included).

After some tests I have to say that the cdrlabs review does not make justice to this drive. It works incredibly well!!! much better than the 8400 or 8320. It is a lot less picky with media, and writes very reliably, with good performace also (my unit perf. numbers are better than those from the article, about 10% in seek times).

As a side benefit, and being a mc3 UDMA compliant drive, I have finally been able to make direct drive image backups with it… at 48x!.

…Ah, and my unit has Mt. Rainer support included and enabled as per Nero (firmware v1.02), so I can confirm the fact stated in the review about Mt. Rainier support included in European drives… (still have to test it, though…)

Hope this helps