Lg Gce-8400b

Does anyone have this burner? I got it with my Dell. It won’t copy SD v2 disks though. Wondering if anyone has been able to with this drive? (Got the 8mb buffer version BTW).


Maybe you’re not using the right software…safedisc v2 is easily defeated with cloneCD (by the way, I have the same writer as yours, but the 2MB version)

Just use the following software and you’ll have a perfect copy:
Safedisc v2, 2.51, 2.7: CloneCD (use the cloneCd profile provided in the CloneCD forum)
Safedisc v2.81: Read with Discdump, write with Nero using DAO/96 (search the forum for “Sims Unleashed” for instructions)
Securom (new): use Blindwrite 4.2.5, but takes 3 minutes to load the game using the backup CD

Hope this helps…

“photonics” wrote:


>It won’t copy SD v2 disks though

You sure?